eASE FOR YOUR BODY & BUSINESS with carol glover

FireHorse Consulting Inc.

Sometimes you simply need a moment to refresh and reset yourself so you can carry on. Sometimes that includes having someone to speak with who can listen without judgement and provide intuitive, objective guidance. Sometimes it means simply being still and allowing someone to take care of you for a while.

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What could you create with...

A little extra insight on those things in your business that you just can't seem to change on your own?

Hints & tools for you to increase your awareness of the energy in and affecting your business?  
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I’ve spent years trying to do business according to the experts;  using template business models, methodologies that made my head hurt and ultimately sucking the joy out of the work I used to love. I guess I’m just not a cookie cutter kind of girl! Now I "do" my business my way, naturally.

This means that I get to show you how to bend those old rules of business to work for you. The possibilities are endless when you do business your way and invite the world to join you. Imagine!
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