eASE FOR YOUR BODY & BUSINESS with carol glover

FireHorse Consulting Inc.

Business can be natural, in fact it must be to be efficient and effective.

I’ve spent years trying to do business according to the experts; using templates for business models, learning methodologies that made my head hurt (Agile, Project Management and 6 Sigma to name a few). I’ve learned something valuable from all of those methods but could never truly make them work for me. They all seemed to suck the energy out of my work. I guess I’m just not a cookie cutter kind of girl!

This means that I get to show you how to bend those old rules of business to and create your business as you've always known it could be. The possibilities are endless when you do business your way and invite the world to join you. Imagine!

This service is for you if:

  • You’re dedicated to your craft/profession/calling
  • Know yourself and your business and experience moderate success
  • The currently accepted rules for how business is to be done suck the joy out of your work
  • You’re tired of trying to fit in or  trying to get people to understand what you do (and why)
  • You’re ready for all your hard work to PAY OFF!

Explore what you and your business would truly like to create.