eASE FOR YOUR BODY & BUSINESS with carol glover

FireHorse Consulting Inc.

Author of "The Clumsy Girl's Guide to Greatness"

Hi and Welcome! I’m Carol Glover and I’m sure you’d like to know a few things about the person you’re trusting your work and your life to. Here it goes!

The Normal Stuff:

I have my Project Management Professional designation and over 20 years of intense corporate experience in which I’ve developed an amazing ability to meet business challenges with viable solutions. In 2009 I founded FireHorse Consulting Inc. and continue to provide Management and Advisory services through it. Applying creativity, agility, humour and strength of purpose, I’m able to steer my clients to breakthroughs that simplify life and reduce stress.

Personally, I’m the youngest child of 8 and I have two awesome parents, an amazing husband and two pretty cool step-sons. When you get to know me, you’ll find I’m a little quirky, a little geeky, warm and funny. My interests range from hiking, biking, gardening and fishing to practicing Reiki and continuous learning. I’m a complex thinker and can figure almost anything down to it’s simplest form.

The Exciting Stuff:

In early 2013 I discovered that I can bring my personal interest in healing energy work directly to businesses with profound effect. I believe that each business is its own entity (separate from the person who created it) and has it’s own energy and personality led which led me to consider the business as a unique body and perhaps healing energy could be used to heal the business “from within”. So, I tried it and the changes have ranged from subtle to profound.

Subtle: With a client finally appreciating the good and steady progress she’s made and receiving an “unexplainable” increase in referrals

Profound: With my client finally being okay with saying “no” to work that they would have taken in the past – even if it had gone against her values and she’s started opening up to the possibilities of new ways to generate revenue now that people are coming to her with needs she earlier ignored. Now she is happily open to exploring new opportunities and avenues for growth.

Since then I have also been introduced to Access Consciousness which has helped me personally discover and erase barriers to my expansion more than I ever imagine possible. It all started with an Access Bars session!

I am a Reiki Level 2 practitioner and a Certified Access Bars & Body Process Facilitator!

Certified Access Consciousness Bars & Body Process Facilitator, Business Advisor, Author, Radio Show Host & Producer, & so much more!